The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

Museum Collection:  1800 - 1920s
Magneto-Electricity, Polysine,
Sinusoidal & Wave Currents
2.5 KW Edison Dynamo from 1893
McIntosh Polysine #1158
Unusual 3 Terminal Davis & Kidder Magneto Electric Machine
Westinghouse Meters
Philosophical Apparatus, Part 1...
Improved Magneto Electric Machine
English Magneto Electric Machine
Tesla No. 30 Magneto Electric Shocker!
L E Knott Apparatus Motor
Davis & Kidder History:
Not Jermome Kidder nor Daniel Davis Involved
H. G. Fischer Low Volt Generator Details
Fischer Low Voltage Generator

Movie: In Operation
Morse Wave Generator
Fischer Low Voltage Generator
 Magneto Electric Machine Gallery
 English Magneto Electric Machine
 Battle Creek Sanitarium
 Feature Exhibition: Polysine Generator
H. G. Fischer Solid State Low Voltage Generator
H. G. Fischer - CSWI Control Panel - From the garage of Warren Fischer!
H. G. Fischer - Modern Low Voltage Generator
Wappler AC Low Voltage Generator

Further Reading:

Davis & Kidder History:
Not Jermome Kidder nor Daniel Davis Involved
The Improved Davis & Kidder Magneto Electric Machine
(English, Spanish, German Version)
Electro-Therapeutics With The Morse Wave Generator
Frederick H. Morse
The Galvanic Current And Low Voltage Wave Currents In
Physical Therapy
Signed by Frederick H. Morse.  Written by Morse and Betton.
Low Volt Currents Of Physiotherapy
Frederick H. Morse
G-X Genito-Urinary Diathermy Electrode / General X-Ray Company Boston Mass.
Fischer Abstracts Of Galvanic and Contractile Currents Therapy
Fischer Universal Low Voltage Generator
Model J Operating Instructions
Fischer Low Voltage Technic For Model J
H. G. Fischer - Low Voltage Therapy
Compiled from recent literature (1953)

H. G. Fischer Combined Galvanic Sinusoidal Currents
H. G. Fischer - The Continuous Current
H. G. Fischer - Explanation Of The Electro-Diagnosis Charts
H. G. Fischer - Low Voltage Instructions, Letter from VP Peter Musket
McIntosh Sinustat and Polysine Low Voltage Generators
Low Voltage Therapy with the New Burdick Morse Wave Generator
Mc-Intosh Polysine Generator
Daniel Davis Manual Of Magnetism  
 Examples Of Galvanic, Faradic,
 And Sinusoidal Electrotherapy