The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

Museum Collection:  1900s - 1940s
Diathermy Machines
A. S. Aloe  
A. S. Aloe SuperDiatherm Floor Model Diathermy Machine
A. S. Aloe "Lightning" Electrotherapeutic Cabinet Photos
Diagnostic Lamps, High Frequency, and Cautery Knives
Aloe Diathermy Uncased
Aloe Portable Diathermy Machine - 3 Gap
 A. S. Aloe Company Gallery
 Aloe Lightning Photos
 A.S. Aloe Single Pole Electrotherapeutic Cabinet
A. S. Aloe Catalog 
A. S. Aloe Lightning Cabinet Instructions 
Instructions For Installing And Operating The New Lightning 4000mA Diathermy Cabinet - A. S. Aloe Co.
A. S. Aloe "New Lightning" Manual
A. S. Aloe SuperDiatherm Floor Model Diathermy Machine Manual
A. S. Aloe Company Archive - Employee Photos
Frank S. Betz  
Frank S. Betz 1910 Ozone Generator
 Betzco Quadramode Violet Ray
 Frank S Betz Pancake Coil
 Frank S. Betz Gallery
Frank S. Betz "Betzco" Twin Pole Cabinet
Frank S. Betz became Betzco; Betzco was absorbed by A. S. Aloe; H. G. Fischer made all of their machines...?!
Betzco (Frank S. Betz) Catalog
Birtcher Vaginal and Rectal/Prostate Electrodes for Short Wave Diathermy
The Burdick Syllabus
Monthly Electrotherapeutic Physical Therapy Magazine
Burdick Short Wave Diathermy Manual
Practical Electro-Therapeutics - Campbell Electric Corporation
Campbell Electric High Frequency Therapeutic Chair
 Campbell Baby X-Ray / Diathermy Machine
Photographs from Campbell Electric Company!
Campbell Therapeutic Chair and Coil
 Feature Exhibition: Dynelectron Apparatus
Dyne-Electron - Spark Gap Adjustments
Dynelectron Model P Instructions
From Dr. Joel P. Giles, Early Chiropractor:
Engeln Diathermy Machine Instructions
Engeln Type F Diathermy Machine (Riese Collection)
H. G. Fischer  
H. G. Fischer Archive
H. G. Fischer Short Wave Therapy
Fischer's Magazine and The Quartz Lamp
H. G. Fischer D Tesla Coil
David's Gold-Plated Fischer Diathermy Electrodes
Fischer G Diathermy Machine:  Internal vs. External Components
Fischer Type G:
Narrating and exploring a 1920's Surgical Tesla Coil
H. G. Fischer Junior Portable Diathermy Apparatus
H. G. Fischer Type Y Diathermy Machine
A. S. Aloe "New Lightning"
H. G. Fischer Type H Diathermy Machine
H. G. Fischer Diathermy Machine - 3 Spark Gaps
H. G. Fischer G Diathermy Transformer
H. G. Fischer Dental High Frequency Machine
 Feature Exhibition: Fischer Model D
 Feature Exhibition: Fischer Type G
 Feature Exhibition: Fischer Violet Rays
 H. G. Fischer Company Gallery
H. G. Fischer Diathermy Foot Switch
H. G. Fischer - Family Archive - Model 200 Short Wave Diathermy Machine!
H. G. Fischer - CSWI Control Panel - From the garage of Warren Fischer!
H. G. Fischer SWDI-12 Internal Components
Fischer Model 200 Short Wave Diathermy Machine - Internal Components
Physician's Equipment Co Short Wave Diathermy Machine - Internal Components
Short Wave Diathermy Machine
H. G. Fischer Model 6 Ultrasonic Generator
A Brief Outline:  The History Of  H. G. Fischer Corp.
H. G. Fischer Original Blueprint Drawings
H. G. Fischer Magazines
H. G. Fischer Physiotherapeutic And X-Ray Supplies And Accessories
1926 Catalogue
H. G. Fischer & Co. Chicago, Ill.
Catalog Of Electro - Surgical - Medical - Equipment
Accessories And Supplies - Number 36 - 1939-40
Fischer's Magazine - 1923
Fischer's Magazine - 1924

H. G. Fischer Postcards
H. G. Fischer Original Blueprint Drawings
H. G. Fischer - Adapters for Campbell, Waite & Bartlett,
Kelly Koett, Westinghouse, Acme, Engeln, Victor, Aloe,
Liebel Flarsheim, Bovie, etc.
H. G. Fischer Surgical Diathermy &
Custom Electrodes Blueprints

Part I, 125 pages
H. G. Fischer Blueprints:
11" x 17" Hand Drawn Originals:
H. G. Fischer G2 Diathermy Machine
Fischer Cherry Cervical Electrode Instructions
H. G. Fischer - Blueprint Samples - Fischer Model "V" Senior; Misc. Fischer Logos over the years...
H. G. Fischer Type Y / Combination Y / A. S. Aloe "New Lightning" Blueprints
H. G. Fischer - Diathermy Theory And Practice
HG Fischer Accessories (Diathermy, Physiotherapy)
Fischer Senior FO / LO Operating Instructions

Fischer FO / LO Instructions for Motor / Pump
H. G. Fischer - Type "FO" Therapeutic Cabinet
H. G. Fischer - Type FO & LO Electrotherapeutic Treatment Outfits
Installation and Operating Instructions for
the Style F Treatment Cabinet
H. G. Fischer Type F Violet Ray
Type K Electro-Therapeutic Cabinet
H. G. Fischer Portable High Frequency Apparatus - Type K, D, F, J, O
Installing And Operating Instructions for the Fischer
Portable Diathermy Apparatus Types "G" and "GP"
Installing And Operating Instructions for the Fischer
Portable Diathermy Apparatus Types "G2" and "GP2"
Installing And Operating Instructions for the Fischer
Portable Diathermy Apparatus Type "G3"
Fischer SW-12 Instructions
H. G. Fischer - Motor And Pump Instructions
H. G. Fischer Reprints:  Industrial Physiotherapy / The Uses Of Physiotherapy (Renal Disease)
H. G. Fischer - Fischer Accessories
H. G. Fischer - Ultrasonics / Ultrasonic Generator
H. G. Fischer - Actual Facts & Methods That Have Produced Sales
From the family of H. G. Fischer
H. G. Fischer Salesman Notecards
H. G. Fischer Research Dept.
Ogden - Treatment Of Hemorrhoids  By Galvanism
Diathermy Simplified by H. G. Fischer  
Diathermy Therapy by H. G. Fischer  
A Working Manual Of High Frequency Currents
by Noble M. Eberhart  
H. G. Fischer Color Scale  
H. G. Fischer G2 Diathermy Instructions  
 H. G. Fischer Magazine Feb 1926
H. G. Fischer Magazine Sept 1924
H. G. Fischer Physiotherapy Conference
Drake Hotel, Chicago, Oct. 12 - 16
Liebel Flarsheim  

Modern Medical Diathermy Technics
Liebel-Flarsheim Company ("Bovie")
Liebel-Flarsheim Bovie - Junior Bovie!
Floor Model Bovie Cutting / Coagulation Apparatus
Restoration of Bovie Cutting / Coagulation / Diathermy Apparatus
Liebel Flarsheim Short Wave Diathermy and Burdick UT 400 Ultrasonic Generator from Mike Tello
Liebel Farsheim Short Wave Floor Model Diathermy Machine
 Feature Exhibition: Bovie Surgical Unit
Liebel Flarsheim Short Wave Diathermy Machine and FFC Paperwork
Liebel Flarsheim Fever Therapy
McIntosh Electrical Corporation "Hogan"
A gift from our friend Bill Wysock
McIntosh Electric Co Auto-Condenstion Chair
McIntosh Diathermy Machine with Conical Tesla Coil Photo Gallery 
McIntosh Hogan - In Operation!
 Feature Exhibition: Hogan Oudin Resonator
 McIntosh Gallery
McIntosh Diathermy Machine
McIntosh 8055 Portable High Frequency Coi
The Electron:  McIntosh Electric Monthly Bulletin
McIntosh Hogan Cabinet  
McIntosh Hogan Booklet
Booklet for McIntosh Hogan - Super Rare!!
McIntosh Portable Diathermy Cabinet #8455
Thompson Plaster  
Thompson Plaster Model E Floor Model High Frequency Physician's Cabinet
 Thompson Plaster Gallery
 Thompson Plaster Coil Restoration
 Fischer / Thompson Plaster Spark Gap
Thompson Plaster Eurisco Instructions
Electro-Therapy in the Abstract:
Thompson Plaster Editions
Thompson Plaster Manual  
Thompson Plaster Instructions  
Norman Rockwell Visits A Family Doctor...
...with a Thompson Plaster...
Victor Red Book Of Physical Therapy Appliances
GE / Victor Diathermy Machine
Victor Electric Wiring Diagrams Archive
Victor:  A Little Journey Into The Realms Of The X-Ray
General Electric / GE Spark Gap Shockproof Diathermy Machine
GE / Victor - Diathermy In Genito-Urinary Diseases
GE / Victor - Electro-Surgery and Electrosurgery, 2 articles.
GE/ Victor - Treatment of Tumors of the Bladder with Diathermy
Surgical Diathermy In The Treatment Of Cervicitis
Electrocoagulation In Cervicitis
Electrocoagulation Of Turbinates / Joseph Jaros
Wappler Excell Floor Model High Frequency Coil w/ Short Wave Diathermy
 Peerless Portatherm Gallery
Wappler Wiring Diagrams  
Wappler Ads
Featured Collector:  Darkerwaters
Better than new Violet Rays and Diathermy Machines!
Otis Historical Archive:
From The National Museum Of Health And Medicine
(High Resolution Photos - incredible!)
A. T. Noe - Compendium Of Physiotherapeutic Technique
Excerpts from Granger - Physical Therapeutic Technique
Dr. Howard Plank Actinctotherapy And Allied Physical Therapy /
Diathermy Hyperpyrexia Electrodes
Brief Resume Of Diathermy And Light Therapy
 Feature Exhibition: High Frequency Devices
 Advertisements Gallery
 Early Black & White Plates Gallery