The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

Museum Collection:  1890s - 1920s
Crookes, Geissler, & X-Ray Tubes
Edison X-Ray Tube!

Elihu Thomson Double Focus X-Ray Tube
Swett & Lewis Type K X-Ray Tube for Direct Current Kinraide Coils
H. G. Fischer - Miniature X-Ray Tube from the H. G. Fischer Family
Lutz Neumann's incredible Tesla Lamp,
Replica Roentgen Tube, and Radiometers
Geissler Tubes, Crookes Tubes, Geissler Tube Rotator, and Induction Coil
Experimental Morgan Non-Striking Vacuum Tube,
Triboluminescent Tubes, Crookes Tube with Man Inside
Ultraviolet Photography Of Crookes and Geissler Tubes:
A Collaboration of Jeff Behary and Daniel Cuscela
Cenco Hyvac and Megavac:  Striations in Geissler Tubes
YouTube Video:  Exhausting A Geissler Tube
Some Induction Coil Experiments
To Reduce Inverse Discharge In X-Ray Tubes
Vacuum Experiments 1
Dating Geissler, Crookes, And X-Ray Tubes
Queens Self-Regulating X-Ray Tubes
Tesla Single Wire Lamps
Westinghouse Stopper Bulb
Scale Model Fully-Functioning High Frequency
X-Ray Tube from the H. G. Fischer family
GE Coolidge SRT-2 Tube
Crookes Radiometer Tube and
Crookes Tube with Striations
Tesla Clover Tube (Tesla Crookes Tube)
Crookes Paddlewheel Tube
Butterfly Crookes Tube, Catherine's Wheel, Fantasy Violet Ray Electrodes
Maltese Cross Crookes Tube
Striations from Crookes Tube
Hardening a vacuum with a Tesla Coil
Wireless Lighting by Short Wave Diathermy
Holden's Condensator Tubes lit by Short Wave Diathermy
Wireless Lighting Demo
Tesla Phosphorescent Bulb Experiments
Tesla Phosphorescent Bulb Experiments Part II
Ventril or Villard Valve Tube
Cossor X-Ray Tube
Radium High Frequency Electrodes
Curious X-Ray Tubes made from Neon Sign Tubing
H. G. Fischer - Miniature X-Ray Tube from the H. G. Fischer Family
Crookes Tube with Flowers
Geissler Tube with Heart
Holtz Tube
A coffee table of gadgets to demonstrate for some Ukraine visitors
Endless Crookes, Geissler, and X-Ray Tubes!
A Selection Of Geissler And Crookes Tubes
Convert a wine box into an X-Ray Tube Stand!
Canal Ray Tube
Canal Rays, Channel Rays, Kanal Strahlen
 Feature Exhibition: X-Ray Tube Mania!
 Feature Exhibition: Edison X-Ray Tube
Swett & Lewis X-Ray Tube
 Feature Exhibition: Tesla Style X-Ray Tube
 Crookes Tube Gallery
 NTM Vacuum Discharge Tube Gallery
 Tesla's 1897 Unipolar X-Ray Tube Experiment
 Victor High Frequency X-Ray Tube

ON OFF - Crookes and Geissler Tubes from Mónico Sánchez
PDF from the Ministry of Science and Innovation in Spain

No puedo agradecer a Juan Pablo Rozas suficiente para enviarme este hermoso libro.
Se trata de una magnífica producción y los personas han hecho un gran honor no sólo por su gran pionero de Sánchez,
sino para todo el mundo que ahora se puede compartir la belleza de su obra. Estamos orgullosos de mostrar folletos y 
fotos de los aparatos en el sitio web de comunicaciones anteriores con Juan Pablo y la familia Sánchez.
 Es un gran honor ver el trabajo de este elegante.
  Special German and Dutch footage from Frank Jones:
Geissler and Crookes Tubes Videos
Glasapparate Lutz Neumann - Youtube 
Glasapparatebau W. Linschmann 
World's Largest Geissler Tubes
Lutz making a Catherine's Wheel for Frank
King Frank's Crown
More Priceless Geissler and Crookes Tubes!
At the bar in Cursdorf
Gaiffe Magneto Electric Machine
Geissler's House
German Water Cooled X-Ray Tube
Lee 4 Focus X-Ray Tube
Lutz Neumann Making A Geissler Tube
Teyler Museum Building
Pressler Museum
Teyler Museum Ramsden Machine
WC Roentgen Röntgen Museum
Rudi and Beate
Teyler Museum
Tool Museum
Wolfgang Linschmann Glassblower for Rudolph Pressler
Cursdorf Christmas Ornament Shop
Visiting Holland and friends Henk Dijkstra and Gerrit Kemerink

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