The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

Museum Collection:  1800 - 1900
Induction Coils


Callan's Great Induction Coil - Fleming
More From Maynooth Ireland:  Callan's Medium Sized Induction Coils
and Condensers
Fr. Nicholas Callan, Induction Coil Pioneer
Ruhmkorff Paris Induction Coil
1868 Ritchie Induction Coil - (Number 12)
Ritchie 1868 Induction Coil Parts
Testing Ritchie Induction Coil Interrupter
Some Induction Coil Experiments
To Reduce Inverse Discharge In X-Ray Tubes
YouTube Video:  X-Ray Experiments with 1868 Ritchie Induction Coil
Thomas Burton Kinraide Artifacts
Drault et Raulot-Lapointe X-Ray Induction Coil
with Mercury Interrupter

This unit can be used to diagnose heart failure for all of those
that actually see it and can appreciate it!!
Drault X-Ray Coil Booklet and Translation!
The Story Of The Drault X-Ray Coil with Mercury Turbine Interrupter -
By Frank Jones
Ingo's Awesome Induction Coil:  A fine restoration!
Featured Collector from Netherlands:  Charles Den Haan
Charles made some spectacular induction coils and collects Violet Ray machines
Gaiffe Gallot Mercury Interrupter
Baird & Tatlock Tesla Coil (E. Ducretet)
 NTM Induction Coils
 Feature Exhibition:
 Scheidel Western Induction Coil
 Feature Exhibition: Cox Cavendish Induction Coil
 Special Interrupters For Induction/Kicking Coils
UK Collector Featured:  Alastair Wright
Long Island New York Photos:
Induction Coils from PV Scientific
Ignition Coils
Replica Rhumkorff Style Induction Coil
Rhumkorff Coil for Charging Condensers for Frank
Replica Miniature Callan Induction Coil Test

Further Reading:

On A New Galvanic Battery - Rev. Nicholas Callan
On The Stratification Of Electric Light by Rev. T. R. Robinson
A Brief Account Of An Induction Coil Of Great Power
Rev. Nicholas Callan
On An Induction Coil Of Great Power, and
the effects of connecting plates to the ends
of the secondary coil - Rev. N J Callan

A Description of an Electro-magnetic Repeater,
or of a machine by which the connexion between the
Voltaic Battery and the helix of an Electro-magnet may be
broken and renewed several thousand times in the space of
one minute.
Rev. N. J. Callan
Description Of The Most Powerful Electro-Magnet Yet Constructed
Rev. N. J. Callan
On The Induction Apparatus 29. Sept 1857 - Rev. N. J. Callan
Edward S Ritchie Induction Coil Experiments - 1860
E. S. Ritchie & Sons Catalogue
Excerpts from Konstruktion, Bau und Betrieb von Funkeninduktoren...
The Construction Of Large Induction Coils - A. T. Hare
Scheidel-Western X-Ray Coil Company Catalogue
Shutts & Walters Co.
Cox Cavendish Catalogue of X-Ray Apparatus and Electro-
Medical Apparatus and Allied Apparatus of every description.
The Theory, Design, And Construction Of Induction Coils
by H. Armagnat
Induction Coils:  How To Make, Use, And Repair Them
by HS Norrie
Induction Coils:  A Practical Manual For The Amateur
Coil-Maker by GE Bonney
Grosse Flamme Coil Operating Instructions