The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

Museum Collection:  1800 - 1900
Galvanism and Faradism


Eveready Faradic Battery, Thomas Hall "Electro-Magnetic Machine"
Ornamental Galvanic Batteries 
Electric Heel Plates 
Chloride Of Silver Galvanic Battery
McIntosh Wall Plate
Misc. Faradic Batteries
Fun with VoltAmp Champion Medical Battery
Boyd's Miniature Galvanic Battery
Ornamental Galvanic Batteries 
Electric Heel Plates 
Recent Faradic Batteries: McIntosh, Electraply
Unusual Japanese / US Late Model Faradic Battery
Galvano Cautery Galvanic Battery Set
 Feature Exhibition: Antique Batteries
Victor / GE General Electric Low Voltage Galvanic Generator
Highly Ornate McIntosh Faradic Battery
Ornate Victor Galvanic
Faradic Wall Plate
Overbeck Rejuvenator Electrodes from Ediswan
 Faradic Medical Battery Gallery
 European Faradic Medical Battery
 Feature Exhibition: Faradic Batteries
 Special Interrupters For Induction/Kicking Coils

Further Reading:

Fr. Nicholas Callan, Induction Coil Pioneer
On A New Galvanic Battery - Rev. Nicholas Callan
A Brief Account Of An Induction Coil Of Great Power
Rev. Nicholas Callan

A Description of an Electro-magnetic Repeater,
or of a machine by which the connexion between the
Voltaic Battery and the helix of an Electro-magnet may be
broken and renewed several thousand times in the space of
one minute.
Rev. N. J. Callan
Description Of The Most Powerful Electro-Magnet Yet Constructed
Rev. N. J. Callan
Electrodes For Galvanic And Faradic Treatments - McIntosh Electric
Maison & Swan Catalogue
Chloride Of Silver Dry Cell Faradic Batteries Catalogue
H. G. Fischer Research Dept.
Ogden - Treatment Of Hemorrhoids  By Galvanism
Shutts & Walters Co. - Distributors of Victor, Scheidel Western, Van Houten & Ten Broek; Finsen Lamp; W. B. Snow Electrodes
Electrotherapy With Wm Meyers XXX Wall Plate / Galvanic Faradic Battery
Cox Cavendish Catalogue of X-Ray Apparatus and Electro-
Medical Apparatus and Allied Apparatus of every description.
Electra-Ply Manual   
Electreat Manual   
Mc-Intosh Battery Catalog  
Pulvermacher Catalog  
Roche Electric Catalog  
 Dynamic Electricity
 Examples Of Galvanic, Faradic,
 And Sinusoidal Electrotherapy
Keystone Electric Company Electro-therapeutic
Appliance Catalogue
Schall & Son:  Electro-Medical Instruments And Their Management