High Voltage creations by Jeff Behary

One meter arcs from Tesla Coil designed for South Florida Science Center and Aquarium event
8 ft Tesla Coil at RGF Environmental Group, Inc.
"Low" power - running from 120V 20A circuit

6 ft discharges 

Large 11 foot tallTesla Coil engineered and built by Jeff Behary for OSHA training and special effects

Lightning Screen

Flaming Arc coil commissioned originally for Bill Wysock of Tesla Technology Research

Frankenstein replicas for John "Grizzy" of OSHA

Tesla Coils, Engineered in all sizes and shapes

Early stages of Medusa, a statue coming soon to Palm Beach...that tries to kill its spectators

The hand of Medusa...

One million volts

One million volt Oudin Resonator for Nicole Raimondi

In addition to sparks I make fire and smoke...replica canon

We even conduct sparks through the human body...

To blow up pumpkins!

Besides Lightning I also create St. Elmo's Fire and various types of upper atmospheric lightning and corona discharges

Positive Electricity - Photo by Kelly McJilton

Negative Electricity - Photo by Kelly McJilton

250,000V of Static Electricity

Lethal Sparks from Leyden Jars

Lightning with a rapport of gunfire...

Static Spark, Restored Machine from 1880s

Corona and Sparks

Ladder of Sparks

Replica Oudin Resonator for History Channel based on the work of Thomas Stanley Curtis

Tesla Coil

Special discharges from Tesla Pancake Coils - Jeff Behary built over 300 of these styles of coils and re-pioneered the techniques of making them.

Special Behary-Tesla-Kinraide Coil

Behary Replica of an early Tesla-Kinraide High Frequency Induction Coil

Coil for producing St. Elmo's Fire

250,000V Static Electricity